Manager, Security 


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About the Role


The Manager, Security & Loss Prevention will be responsible for: 

  • Responsible for safeguarding of guests, colleagues, property and the premise of the Hotel. 

  • Also responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating & directing Security Officers, CCTV Controllers, Supervisors & Outsourced Security Personnel in the performance of security functions and Lifeguards in the performance of general life safety functions as well as coordinating the activities of Security, Health & Safety and related functions with general supervision, guidance & instruction from the Director of Security, as required. 


Key Duties and Responsibilities


Specific duties and responsibilities: 

  • Directly responsible for team discipline of all Security Officers & Supervisors on duty, including in-house and outsourced personnel. 

  • Conducts daily briefings for Security Supervisors. 

  • Assists with coordinating and organizing of the day to day operations of the department including planning and controlling. 

  • Assists with the development & implementation of departmental standards. 

  • Assist with monitoring & maintaining of all product and performance standards & ensuring action is taken when standards are not met. 

  • Assists with training for all security personnel. 

  • Assigning duties & subsequent deployment as per security manning requirement for banqueting or special events, including VIP arrivals, etc. 

  • Update monthly duty roster for the department to meet operational demands. 

  • Perusal of the daily attendance sheet/register. 

  • Assists with conducting of induction/orientation training of new security colleagues. 

  • Acts as reliever for the Director of Security on days off. 

  • Assume the responsibilities for coordinating & managing the department in absence of the Director of Security, including assuming of planning and controlling of emergency drills. 

  • Assist with inspection of premises to test alarm systems, detect safety hazards & to ensure safety rules are enforced. 

  • Supports & assists with establishing operational procedures for activities such as fire prevention & firefighting, traffic control, guarding & physical patrolling of the property, including investigation of accidents & criminal activities. 

  • Supports & assists with the development & implementation of departmental document standards & administrative functions. 

  • Assists with the development & implementation of a reporting & review structure to ensure that risks are effectively identified & assessed & appropriate controls & responses are in place. 

  • Ensure all patrolling, inspection & escort duties are supervised & delivered to a high standard. 

  • Completing maintenance requests where necessary & submitting the same to the Engineering Department. 

  • Coordinates with the Local Police Authorities, such as CID, DTCM Officials, Bomb Squad, as well as Medical Services, Fire Brigade, Civil Defense or any other external emergency support team should the need arise. 

  • Conducting daily inspections of the property for any damage, incidents, etc. to minimize or prevent the risk of any safety hazardous incident. 

  • Attends to guest requests & solves problems or assists to find a plausible solution. 

  • Ensure patrolling and guarding of all Hotel areas. 

  • Ensure guarding of all access control points. 

  • Investigate accidents, incidents and criminal activities, conduct investigative interviews, searches and submit findings to the Director of Security in a timely manner. 

  • Monitoring of designated areas via CCTV surveillance camera system. 

  • Inspects daily fault reports of the CCTV surveillance team & ensure reports are delivered to the Engineering Department and/or maintenance contractor to maintain 24-hour operational functionality. 

  • Direct security subordinates to ensure that fire exit doors are kept free from obstruction at all times. 

  • Direct security subordinates to ensure that fire & safety equipment are in their designated place. 

  • Direct security subordinates to ensure that doors, windows & gates of all areas not in use are locked and secured. 

  • Ensure appropriate key control & handling procedures by means of key register & physical key escort to the required location or any other means in compliance with Hotel Key Policy. 

  • Ensure appropriate money handling procedures by means of physical escort to the required location are in compliance with Finance Policy. 

  • Ensure prompt response to all emergency activations such as fire indications, report of safety hazardous incidents & maintenance demands on the property. 

  • Perform all tasks consistently in line with the Hotel & Company standards. 

  • Treat guests & colleagues in a polite and courteous manner. 

  • Adhere to all legal and statutory requirements. 

  • Support environmental initiatives. 


Occupational Health & Safety responsibilities: 

  • Demonstrate awareness of OH&S policies and procedures and ensure all procedures are conducted safely and within OH&S guidelines and ensure all supervisors and officers perform in accordance with these guidelines. 

  • Be aware of duty of care and adhere to occupational, health and safety legislation, policies and procedures. 

  • Be familiar with property safety, first aid, fire & emergency procedures & operate equipment safely and sensibly. 

  • Implement actions to correct safety hazardous situations & notify supervisors & officers of potential dangers. 

  • Record all security accidents & incidents in line with Hotel requirements. 


General responsibilities: 

  • Promote efficiency, confidence, courtesy & an extremely high standard of social skills. 

  • Generally promote & ensure good inter-departmental relations. 

  • Display a pleasant manner & positive attitude at all times & to promote a good company image to guests & colleagues. 

  • Demonstrate pride in the workplace & personal appearance at all times when representing the hotel thus identifying a high level of commitment to the organization. 

  • Adhere to Company and Hotel rules and regulations at all times. 

  • Adhere to the grooming standards of the organization. 

  • Adhere to the dress code suitable to an Security Manager.  

  • Adhere to the set work times of the organization as per monthly duty roster for the department. 


Occasional responsibilities:  

  • Report any damage to Hotel property or malfunctioning of equipment to the Engineering Department and record the same according to established means. 

  • Direct any maintenance requests to the Engineering Department. 

  • Participate in any training/ developmental programmes as recommended by senior management. 

  • Assist the Duty Manager in any task outlined/detailed by him/her. 

  • Comply with any reasonable request made by management to the best of your ability. 


Legal responsibilities: 

  • Ensure that the standards required by Law & Management are maintained at all times in the areas specified above. 


Skills, Experience & Educational Requirements


  • Working for a minimum of two to three years as Security Manager, either established or acting in the role. 

  • Having a minimum of four years’ experience working in a 5-star hotel environment. 

  • Be customer focused with a discreet, professional appearance & passionately driven to uphold the customer service standards of SIRO

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.   

  • Excellent inter-personal skills.   

  • Security experience as part of managing an in-house team.   

  • Strong leadership qualities to lead & inspire a team.  

  • Ability to maintain a sense of calm and control in difficult situations, minimizing panic in others.   

  • Reliable with excellent timekeeping.   

  • Ability to absorb new information quickly, conceptualize & implement new security, health & safety measures for the department suitable to the property.    

  • Ability to use initiative and be adaptable.   

  • Self-motivated with a willing and friendly approach.   

  • Ability to work effectively and constructively within a team.   

  • Excellent general health with a good level of physical fitness.   

  • Willingness to undertake flexible shift hours, including nightshifts in accordance with the departmental duty roster.   

  • Ability to respond appropriately to alarms.   

  • Ability to assess a situation quickly, using appropriate actions to defuse a situation and provide effective solutions, particularly with people demonstrating disruptive behaviour.     

  • A good knowledge and appreciation of current security environments, the potential risks, threats & actions to mitigate these. 

  • Proven command and leadership abilities for security functions, operations & incident management. 

  • Good communication skills, both oral and written. 

  • Good administration skills with a high level of computer literacy. 

  • Flexibility and being adaptable to adjust easily to changing work environments. 

  • Having a sense of humor. 

  • Ability to remain focused and productive when under duress or confronted with difficult situations. 


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